Cenveo Selects Ironsides APT for Document Compliance Across Print and Fulfillment Operations

Global Solution Provider implements automated production tracking software to provide process transparency to its customers and ensure that all printed communications meet SLA and regulatory requirements.

STAMFORD, CT — (March 28, 2019) — Cenveo, a provider of world-class solutions in the areas of envelopes, custom labels, commercial print, content management and publisher solutions, announced today they have implemented Ironsides APT™ (Automated Production Tracking) software to ensure document integrity of printed communications across multiple production lines and equipment. Ironsides APT allows Cenveo to provide real-time document tracking and process transparency to support customers’ strict compliance and regulatory requirements. The investment in Ironsides APT allows Cenveo to expand existing services and applications within industries requiring high levels of document transparency, including healthcare, travel leisure, financial and utility industries.

“Ironsides APT’s ability to integrate into our platform and work seamlessly with a wide variety of production print and finishing equipment made this the ideal solution for our clients’ ever-increasing information and data security needs,” said Cappy Childs, President of Cenveo’s Print Group. “As we continue to expand our technology platform, the Ironsides implementation ensures data integrity reporting will always be available to our clients at the piece level regardless of the hardware or production environment used to produce it.”

Ironsides APT software is designed to help print and communication providers such as Cenveo meet strict customer and regulatory requirements. Its open architecture and device agnostic framework easily integrated into Cenveo’s multi-vendor production environment for automated job and piece level tracking across all print, bindery, insertion, hand assembly, and sorting processes.

With this software implementation, Cenveo is able to consolidate data from multiple systems using the Ironsides APT Dashboard for centralized reporting on production allocated across multiple facilities. The dashboard contains a device monitor, SLA Manager, and detailed operational reporting tools that deliver real-time measurement and analysis of job, machine, employee, and facility performance. Cenveo’s production staff and management can use this information to identify and fix potential bottlenecks and optimize production performance.

“We are honored to work with an industry leader like Cenveo and be aligned with their organizational goals to deliver full transparency to the customer communication process,” said T.J. Forsythe, Vice President of Sales at Ironsides Technology. “The Ironsides APT solution offers Cenveo a valuable tool for tactical operations management and business growth. As industry regulations continue to tighten around customer communications, Cenveo is well positioned to meet evolving market requirements in an agile and efficient manner.”

About Ironsides Technology

Ironsides Technology is a software development and integration company, providing business intelligence and end-to-end integrity tracking solutions to document factories, commercial printers, mail fulfillment and packaging industries. Ironsides Nor’Star System combines real-time data collection with automated production monitoring, reporting and cost analytics to provide for real-time tracking, visibility and cost analysis for all work in process as it moves through a production workflow, from prepress, production, finishing, sorting, mailing and shipping. The Nor’Star System ensures 100 percent distribution, SLA compliance, reprint automation, and provides robust operational reporting to help inkjet, continuous-feed and cut sheet printing customers better manage their businesses. Based on an open and scalable architecture, Ironsides Technology easily integrates with web inspection systems and post print in line and off-line bindery devices. Ironsides Technology also supports appropriate camera technology and tracking solutions in the finishing and insertion environment. The end result is a best-of-breed automated document factory (ADF) tracking strategy to ensure personalized client packages are processed efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy and compliance. For more information visit www.ironsidestech.com

About Cenveo Worldwide Limited

Cenveo Worldwide Limited, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is a leading global provider of print and related resources, offering world-class solutions in the areas of envelopes, custom labels, commercial print, content management and publisher solutions. The Company provides a one-stop offering through services ranging from design and content management to fulfillment and distribution. With a worldwide distribution platform, we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions and service every day to our customers. For more information please visit us at www.cenveo.com. Inquiries should be directed to Cenveo Communications at (203) 595-3660 or Cenveo.Communications@Cenveo.com.